So the new song for the latest film in the James Bond series ‘Skyfall’ has reportedly been leaked online. This time it is the turn of ‘I’ve-had-my-heart-trodden-on-several-times’ songstress Adele to attempt the iconic track. It is the first time since Madonna in 2002, with that catchy pop hit ‘Die Another Day’, that the theme song has had the same title as the actual Bond film. With expectation high due to Adele’s rise to superstardom in the past couple of years and the lacklustre efforts of Alicia Keys, Jack White and Chris Cornell for the Bond franchise in recent years, Adele does not disappoint. Adele has chosen a sinister key to match her quietly haunting vocal delivery, in what will obviously be compared to the first lady of haunting Lana Del Rey. Lyrically though we are not offered much on the creative side, although you come to expect that with a Bond theme as they are known for repeating the film’s name and featuring iconic Bond riffs of the past.

From what we’ve heard so far, the result of pairing Adele and Bond is exactly what you’d expect, a fantastic, sleek track that’s right in line with classic Bond sound of the past. And as the track proves, this was a no-brainer choice for Bond producers.

The track will officially be released fully on Friday.

(I still can’t help but feel Lana Del Rey would have been that slight bit better.)

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