‘Channelling self-pity into sweet, jangly pop’

So I bought this album a while back as I love The Drums, noted for their pre-newwave-tinged nostalgic pop, and was eagerly awaiting a follow up to their self-titled debut. I don’t usually buy CDs in physical form unless it’s something special, and Portamento certainly is. It is without doubt an improvement from their first but the band still desire that breakthrough moment, which this album does not provide. While it should be noted this album is far from underwhelming with its juxtaposing chirpy guitar riffs and keyboard electronica master class the band still manage to convey personal issues such as the inner turmoil and eventual rejection of God in ‘Book of Revelation’. I thoroughly recommend a purchase of this album, or just a listen on Spotify before parting with your cash. While Portamento is an important leap forward from their debut album The Drums look sure to build on their success with a third album expected to be released….. soon I hope, but not rushed soon, just the right time soon so it’s delightful for my ears!

You just must listen to:

  • Book of Revelation
  • Money
  • I Need A Doctor

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