Here is now the full version of the latest Bond theme song ‘Skyfall’ by Adele. The link for the review I wrote earlier in the week, when a delightful mere snippet was leaked is worth a read if I don’t say so myself (shameless plug) >>> http://atreatfortheeyes.posterous.com/adele-007-skyfall

I am somewhat enjoying it much more now, it seems the full version is much more anthemic, aimed by echoing backing vocals, than I first thought. Still I love a bit of cheesy pop and so my favourite remains ‘Die Another Day’ by the once great Madonna: 

Followed closely by Shirley Bassey’s timeless rendition of ‘Goldfinger’: 

Duran Duran’s theme song for the 1985 Bond ‘A View To A Kill’ also deserves a mention, the last to reach #1 in the UK charts: 

In closing, Bond films have provided some superb theme songs over the years and Miss Adele Adkins does not dissapoint.

The new Bond film ‘Skyfall’ is out at the end of the month and is sure to get a visit from me on a Wednesday. A Wednesday specifically as I am a poor student and the cinema is far too expensive these days, especially when you factor in the cost of a large salted popcorn and drink.

Nighty night now then. (I blog best in the early hours of the morning)

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