I am very far from being a morning person I must say. When it comes to the break of dawn I am anti-singing, anti-happiness, anti-chatting pretty much anti-anything. I like to slowly rise from my slumber and not be bothered for quite a while, initially because I wear the most ghastly retainer and I am unable to string an audible sentence together but once removed I am just an unsociable bastard. The evenings on the other hand are something else and a joy to behold, I find myself up all hours ready to ‘party party party’ but at 9am in the morning I don’t want to think of anything else but nothing. Thinking itself is an effort at that time. But there is one person, and only one person who makes the mornings that very slight bit bearable and that is the buffoon that is Officer Crabtree.

Good moaning one and all, hope this made your morning a itsy-bitsy bit better.

(Yes I know I just blogged in the morning and I should be anti it so this whole post is very hypocritical but I just needed to escape okay give the guy a break yeah, chill out!)

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