Just remember, Malcolm Tucker might like to swear at people, but he's NOT a bully

So yes if you haven’t been living under a rock or in a parallel dimension this week then you would have seen that Scottish actor Peter Capaldi has been announced as the 12th Doctor. But what exactly would it be like if Capaldi played the Time Lord in the same way he played infamous sweary spin doctor Malcolm Tucker from ‘The Thick Of It’?

Politicians shrivelled at the mere mention of Peter Capaldi’s formidable character in ‘The Thick Of It’, so Daleks and Cybermen will not stand a chance now he is the Doctor. Malcolm Tucker is the bard of spin, the Communications Director for Number 10 and all round tough bastard.

Here is just the most wonderful fan made spoof of what would happen if the Doctor and Malcolm were to collide. Swearyness right from the start, obviously!

However Peter Capaldi chooses to play the Doctor I am sure it will be wonderful, but I am pleased the producers of the show have decided to move towards an older looking Doctor and away from recent youthful choices. Hopefully this means we will see a darker and more troubled regeneration of the Doctor.

Peter Capaldi is expected to first appear in an episode at the end of this year’s Christmas special in which we will bid farewell to 11th Doctor Matt Smith.

But before all of that we still have the 50th Anniversary episode which is due to be broadcast in November at some point.


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