‘Imaginary Friends’ you can say that again…

Wedged somewhere between amateur porn pics, romantic novels, and online Star Wars forums, there exists something known as ‘fan fiction’. This is fandom at its most obsessed and mad. “Screw owning the director’s cut DVD,” says this new breed of manic typing überfan. “let’s write twenty years’ worth of sequels using the characters, locations, and atmosphere of the original.”

Ever wonder what might have happened after the ending of that classic book you read for GCSE English? No, but the internet has every possible answer. On Fanfiction.net you can find 458 stories about ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’, 169 stories about ‘Of Mice and Men’ (what would Steinbeck think?!), and 110 stores about ‘The Crucible’. For example one ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’ fan fiction entitled ‘Tales Of A 4th Grade Lovely’ in which “Now in fourth grade, Scout’s getting prettier and making more friends. However, a lot of them are boys. Yet she promises to be Dill’s forever. But can she keep her promise?”

But if fan fictions continuing a classic novel isn’t your kind of thing then there is plenty, and I mean plenty, of other genres and topics they cover. From Doctor Who to Glee, and from Powerpuff Girls to Titanic, all books, films, cartoons, TV shows and you name it are extended and revisited by pre-pubescent keyboard happy fans.

Of course an article concerning fan fiction would not be complete without mentioning a recent and at times disturbing surge of One Direction fan fiction. Yes we all know ‘Directioners’, I feel very dirty and ashamed for just typing that word may delete on reflection, are rather obsessive at times but the fan fiction about the British boyband takes it to another more graphic level. To be blunt porn. I won’t go into graphic detail but instead give you just one extract which comes from the delicately titled ‘1D Have My Kids’:

“Love you too Niall.” I say and I wrap my arms around his shoulders pulling his sweating, sex-smelling, amazing, perfect body, into me.



In conclusion these fan fiction addicts may be some of the most messed up and nerdy human beings, but online fan fiction writers have an outstanding work ethic, for example one on ‘The Legend of Zelda’ has a word count of just under 1 million. So if you’re good on the old keyboard, lonely, have a photographic memory, and obsessively love at least two obscure television shows or movies or in fact a popular British beat combo, then this may be the community you’ve been looking for!

If not, well then you better be prepared for a life of laughing with your friends, drinking, talking about stuff, and having a really good time.


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