This article was originally published on The Tab Cardiff and can be found here: www.cardiff.tab.co.uk/2012/11/10/tab-loves-hobos/

The Tab reports on a great place to shop beyond the High Street…

So during my first few days of living in Cardiff I wandered round the many shops that the city had to offer. Cardiff has the usual big high street names such as Topman, Urban Outfitters, Zara and Burton but Hobo’s vintage clothing is without doubt the hidden gem of Cardiff’s shopping selection. But beware, blink and you’ll miss it…

Hobo’s is a quirky little purple shop hidden away in the High Street Arcade, it sells some really delightful vintage clothing for both the males and females of our earth. From your 70s knitwear cardigan to an American baseball jumper, all sorts are available to buy.

Hobo’s in the High Street Arcade: a sweet alternative to the high street

The quiant shop not only sells vintage clothing but the perfect little gifts such as groovy rubber ducks, Star Wars mugs and a jukebox, not to mention the novelty birthday cards and wrapping paper emblazoned with the phrase ‘Happy Birthday Cunt’, which I was particuarly fond of.

Not only that but they offer a 10% student discount so its the perfect place to go treat yourself after a hard week of lectures and seminars. Most items are priced between £5 and £25. For example I bought a red flannel shirt (which was apparently damaged but I could not see how) for a fiver which I was so pleased with that I felt guilty to buy it off them for such a price.

(This is a 1989 Myrtle Beach S.C. tee shirt that I bought and me looking very happy of course)

Definitely worth checking out!


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