This powerful advertising campaign was first launched by Amnesty International in Zurich, Switzerland and captured much public attention, whether it was passers-by stopping to look at the striking images in person or the debate it caused in the media and online through blogs. Amnesty International had carefully crafted an advertising campaign which highlighted the issue of human rights worldwide.

Around the globe, every day people struggle to live without basic human rights of freedom and justice, rights that we as Brits take for granted.

Amnesty International in partnership with Swiss advertising agency ‘Walker‘ used real photographs taken of human rights abuse victims by traveling journalists from a variety of countries. These photographs were then precisely transferred across to images that matched the advertising board’s environment. Consequently these striking and emotive illusions were born!

The video below produced by the advertising agency explains the both the creative process and the reaction is garnered:

While these human rights abuses are not happening in Zurich they are happening elsewhere in the world and so this advertising campaign sought to create a sense of immediacy and togetherness that would be hard to ignore.



One thought on “Amnesty Int – ‘Not here but now.’

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