It’s that time of year again folks, the Brits 2014. As the world’s entertainment elite donned their finest clobber and headed to the O2 Arena, London, to congratulate one another, here at ‘A Treat For The Eyes’ we squeezed into our onesies, grabbed the nearest bottle of red wine and headed to the sofa to see what this year’s event had in store for us.

First a quick moan! Back in the 90s when Britpop was topdog the BRITs used to be a bit more rugged and unpredictable but over the past few years the organisers have been making the event slicker and smoother moving it to the O2 and installing James Cordon as a safe pair of presenting ‘funny-at-times’ hands. But it all seems a bit too formal now, I’m sure it’s a great atmosphere if you were there in person but that really isn’t coming across on the old tele-box. I would suggest remedying this by having a few clusters of civilian audience members around the stage, like they successfully do at the Grammys, otherwise the whole dinner party vibe which is currently being given off is a bit underwhelming. Thankfully it was James Cordon’s third and final year presenting the BRITs and finally it is time to move on and find someone a bit grittier for example I would suggest Russel Brand or Ricky Gervais. The viewing figures talk for themselves, a change is needed:

The BRITs 2014 was indeed star studded with performances from Katy Perry, Arctic Monkeys, Rudimental, Bastille, Disclosure, Lorde, Ellie Goulding, Bruno Mars, Beyonce, Pharrell Williams and Nile Rodgers.

Katy Perry was well Katy Perry, you can’t go too wrong until you turn her microphone on and then a pitchy piss poor racket is produced, some ‘singers’ I don’t mind lip-syncing and ex-Mrs-Russell-Brand is one of them. I thought the collaboration between two brilliant live acts Rudimental and Bastille (Basti-mental?) injected some energy into the proceedings with a mash-up of ‘Waiting All Night’ and ‘Pompeii’. A surprise performance from Beyonce was another highlight of the night, standing in front of a couple of brightly light curtains she belted out new song ‘XO’ in a way only Beyonce could, I hope it’s not the second single off the self-titled album, ‘Pretty Hurts’ would be a far superior choice.

But performance of the night has to go to future-garage duo Disclosure. They teamed up with Wednesday Adams lookie-likie and Kiwi teen superstar Lorde. Introduced as two popular acts that came into the industry over the past year, Lorde sang “Royals” over Disclosure’s futuristic spin on the track. After the 17-year-old New Zealander left the stage, Disclosure took the lead and played “White Noise” featuring AlunaGeorge. Check out the video below:

But perhaps the most significant moment of the night came from someone who wasn’t even there, which says a lot about the longevity and god-like status of the man, David Bowie. Unless you missed the awards and have been living under a rock since them, you can’t have failed to notice media reports on TV, radio, online and in all of the daily newspapers, regarding the 2014 BRIT awards and David Bowie’s contribution in particular. Debate still rages on social media regarding the parting shot from Bowie’s acceptance speech for British Male Solo Artist, as read out by Kate Moss. The last line of the speech read “Scotland, stay with us!”, a comment made in relation to the upcoming referendum on whether Scotland should remain part of the United Kingdom.

BRIT Awards’ Winners List:

  • British Male Solo Artist – David Bowie
  • British Female Solo Artist – Ellie Goulding
  • British Group – Arctic Monkeys
  • British Breakthrough Act – Bastille
  • British Single – Waiting All Night” by Rudimental feat. Ella Eyre
  • British Album of the Year – AM by Arctic Monkeys
  • Best Video – Best Song Ever” by One Direction
  • International Male Solo Artist – Bruno Mars
  • International Female Solo Artist – Lorde
  • International Group – Daft Punk
  • Global Success – One Direction
  • Critics’ Choice – Sam Smith



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