“Now then, now then, how’s about this then”, controversial name aside Jim’ll Paint It is the most bizarre Tumblr/Facebook page you will have come across this week if not in your lifetime. Simply, run by a gentleman most likely named Jim you request what you want to be painted and he will paint it for you purely using Microsoft Paint. With “no tablets” and “no touch-ups”, this is strictly lo-resolution, and largely low-brow, but an utterly grin-inducing viral web hit.

The creator himself states “Got something in your brain that you’d really like to see with your eyes? Just ask and if I like the sound of it I’ll paint it for you for free using incredibly high tech and sophisticated MS Paint software.” So go ahead and submit and idea of your own, you never know it may in fact be commissioned.

Without doubt this has to be one of the funniest and most skilled blogs that I have come across, allowing the dark depths of our imaginations be played out and expressed over the world wide web.

In closing, this is what the internet was truly created for!

Jim’ll Fix It is also available on Facebook at this link – www.facebook.com/JimllPaintIt

Below are a few particularly peculiar Microsoft Paint creations:

Mr. Blobby having his mugshot taken in a police station having clearly been involved in a physical altercation. Meanwhile, Noel Edmonds is dressed in ladies lingerie and is giving a statement to a police officer that resembles Captain Jack Sparrow. There are empty Dr. Pepper cans everywhere.

‘Madonna drying out cigarette ends under a hand drier in the ladies toilets in Wetherspoons’

‘Vladimir Putin as every member of the Village People’

‘Dear Jim, please can you paint Frankie Boyle teaching children how to swear’

‘Boris Johnson fighting off an alien invasion’

Dear Jim, please can you paint for me the beautiful moment when Voldemort finally finds a Coke bottle with his name on it.



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