Milgi Lounge at the end of City Road, Roath, Cardiff can only be described as a vibrant, bohemian, hippy hot spot for all your vegan needs. City Road is better known for it’s dodgy kebab houses so this ethical, sustainable little arty cafe really does stick out, in a good way!

This glorious yurt is hidden in the beer garden.

Milgi Lounge first opened in 2006 with a mission to bring together food, drink, music, and art all under one roof. In 2010 they made the move to a fully vegetarian menu and they haven’t looked back. It isn’t the cheapest place to go to grab a bite to eat but it’s worth paying that little bit extra to know exactly where the food is from and that it’s been produced ethically. The staff are awesome, chatty and attentive you won’t have to wait long for your food/cocktails.

Having heard promising things via word of mouth about Milgi Lounge, especially the rumours of a mystical yurt in the beer garden, I thought it would just be rude not to give it a visit. And so I seem to have visited twice in the past week.

The interior decor is heavily influenced by the East. With it’s vibrancy, colour and unusual pieces or art, Milgi Lounge is an enchanting place to eat, study or merely relax. If the weather is uncharacteristically, for Cardiff, good we recommend visiting the beer garden where you can sit alongside the very same herbs and plants that provide the ingredients for the fresh food and drinks.

I most recently visited last Sunday (16/03/2014) where I continued my quest to find Cardiff’s finest white Russian, the cocktail that is! I certainly wasn’t disappointed and at only £6 I was ready to part with my cash. On the 3rd Sunday of every month Milgi Lounge also hosts a jumble sale, which can be found in a storage building directly behind the beer garden. Items ranged from £1 to £5 and I was lucky enough to find a few second hand jumpers and shirts, that of course needed a thorough wash first.

All in all Milgi Lounge is a quaint and quirky cafe offering vegan delights, tasty cocktails and yurt that will transport you to a festival of tranquility.

twitter Twitter – https://twitter.com/milgi

fbFacebook – https://www.facebook.com/milgilounge



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