City Road in Roath may not be the most picturesque area of Cardiff, usually littered with pieces of furniture, clothing, empty lager cans and polystyrene kebab boxes. There are numerous restaurants and fast food outlets, a large variety of ethnic supermarkets and a sprinkling of garages. Don’t get me wrong Roath has some beautiful parts to it, namely the park, but City Road is not one of them. But the hidden masterpieces that can be found down the back alleys of City Road will thought-provokingly stop you in your tracks!

I first noticed these art pieces popping up when I opened my curtains one morning last October to find a team of artists armed with brushes and ladders painting a wall in our back garden. This didn’t startle me as we regularly have unexpected visitors wander into our garden due to the fact there is no wall separating us from the alleyway. As the day went on they worked tirelessly to finish the piece before sunset, they succeeded and this was the result:


So after a bit of research I discovered that a street art festival called ‘Empty Walls‘ has just finished. The Empty Walls Festival ran from the 10th to the 20th of October 2013, their aim was to bring “colour, culture and vibrancy to the city of Cardiff by creating an outdoor gallery of public murals.” The organisers went on to state “in a city dominated by high street retail chains, we believe that the area of Roath can sing for the individuality of Cardiff.”

12 local and international artists came together through the global language of street art, they added to the city’s cultural heritage and created an environment that reflects the vibrancy of Roath’s people and places. The festival has meant the streets of Roath are now flooded with colour and at any turn there is an unmissable thought provoking image in to absorb.

Below is a small selection of the street art Roath has to offer. But don’t stop here, get outside and enjoy these art pieces in their full glory!



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