Lindsay Sawers is a first year student at Arts University Bournemouth, studying Fashion Communication, and founder of unique fashion brand Flurried Ease. Flurried Ease is an online boutique that specialises in bespoke jewellery, hats and headwear for any occasion. I’ve known Lindsay for a good few years now but I first noticed her creative flair in action when she wore the most ‘blooming’ glorious headpiece to Royal Ascot week in 2013. Below is an interview with Miss Sawers in which we discuss how she went about setting the business up, her inspirations and long term aspirations for Flurried Ease.

Can you briefly describe the beginnings of what is now Flurried Ease, and what first gave you the motivation to set up shop?

Lindsay Sawers: I was part of a youth group who were raising money for charity when I was 13, we got given a tenner each and had to try and make as much money out of it as we could. I bought a small jewellery making kit and then loved it from there on. I took a break when I was in 6th form and then started up again last year and the jewellery led on to headwear.

What pieces do you especially enjoy creating?

LS: The large headbands are the most satisfying when they are finished, but they take the longest by far so I would have to say them. Also I love the design aspect to the whole process, making the first one of a product. I get bored recreating the same thing in different colours so like to try a new thing every time. Because they’re bespoke and one off pieces I’m hoping that people will be more interested!

Where do you see Flurried Ease in say 5 years? What are your long term goals?

LS: Well I’ve just stared the website (www.flurriedease.bigcartel.com) and over the summer when I have less university work to focus on I hope to put a lot more products out there. Also I’m looking to somehow getting them into a magazine and gain some more exposure. Recently I was lucky enough to meet the fashion editor of Vogue Magazine at Vogue Festival and she gave me some contacts and ideas of how to make a look book.

Finally are there any other designers or concepts you take inspiration from?

LS: I think I got a lot of inspiration from festival outfits, I’m intending to take some of the headbands with me this summer when I go to festivals and sell a few. In terms of a clothes designer I take inspiration from, I would have to say Mathew Williamson. He uses a lot of colour and florals and everything is massively embellished.

Thanks Lindsay!

Image of Mismatched Beaded Necklace & Bracelet Set

Image of Feather or Beaded 1920's Look Headband


Flurried Ease on Social Media:

fbFacebook – www.facebook.com/flurriedease

inInstagram – www.instagram.com/flurriedease



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